FAQs. How we work:

Bristol Digital is a family run company owned by Nick Kerry.  We have a network of trusted freelancers and contractors who we have worked with on many projects.

We also work mutually with other web agencies in the UK.

This is an incredibly cost effective and flexible approach to modern modern working.

Occasionally for large projects we may outsource ‘component’ level software development to other countries. 

As we are highly experienced developers we oversee the entire project management and oversee your project.

We work from home or with other developers in their homes!  We like cats.

This provides considerable savings to you as our overheads are low.

That means: you pay less.

We have completed websites of all sizes: from tradesmen  to Schools to national UK Manufacturers with 40 high street branches.

Over the years Nik has provided contracted services as a software engineer to Lush, BBC Good Food, ATOS, Queen Mary University London and several UK Government projects.  He’s even trained High Court Judges!

For a national sports event client, Nick provided their digital transformation.   Realtime scoring of over 500 dance routines per event, instantly compiled into results.  The client was formally using pen paper and spreadsheets which was slow and potentially error prone. Read more on our Projects page.


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