Why you should loosely couple your domain name services

There are endless domain extensions available now. They’re issued and available from many different providers. Examples include .consulting, .blog, .digital. The costs can vary significantly and can increase arbitrarily.

Should you migrate to a more succinct domain extension?

Cost is a Major Consideration

.uk domain names are one of the most trusted extensions and possibly the cheapest. Use a .uk domain for your email and use a fancy domain extension for your business.

example.uk (email)
example.blog (website & marketing)

[email protected] is how you send and receive email

If in the future the cost of fancy extension increases massively and you don’t really need that domain name any more, you can just cancel it – right?

If you owned a domain name for a long time and release it, someone will almost certainly register that domain name afterwards. They can then set up a catch-all email ([email protected]) and catch all incoming email. This email would be people who used to communicate with you to this address. This can be a security hazard, affect reputation and lose trade to competitors.

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